Introduction of Our Research

The Laboratory of Food Chemistry is one of four laboratories constituting the department of Nutrition and Food Science in Ochanomizu University. We mainly push forward to study on food chemistry by using many techniques of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry.

In detail, flavor compounds or biologically active food constituents are searched, detected, isolated, and elucidated their strucures. And then generation mechanisms or mode of actions are also examined. Besides, the stability of these compounds during cooking or food processing is ananlyzed too.

Flavor is one of an important factor controlling deliciousness of food. When flavor compounds volatilize, and their receptors in our nose are stimulated, we can sense a smell of certain food. When the flavor compounds are analyzed, a lot of chemicals of more than 100 will be detected. In our laboratory, precursors of flavor compounds or enzyme system related to occuring flavor are also examined.

In addition, antioxidants in food can be expected to prevent the deterioration of flavor, and also to suppress the oxidative stress in human body if they are absorbed. So in our laboratory, the preventive role of biologically active food constituents (food factors) against human diseases related to oxidative stress (cancer, atherosclerosis, inflammation, athma, diabetic complication, and so on) are also investigated.

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